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Persediaan Bayaran 10%

PEMBIAYAAN sering menjadi satu daripada perkara keutamaan bakal pembeli rumah. Mana tidaknya, faktor pembiayaan antara kunci utama si pembeli untuk mendapatkan rumah idaman mereka....

Posted on: 2020-04-01

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7 Perkara Yang Perlu Disemak Oleh Pembeli Rumah Sebelum Menandatangani SPA

Apakah maksud perkataan ‘bebanan’ dan ‘tempoh tanggungan kecacatan’? Biasakan diri anda dengan aspek perundangan dan terma-terma yang sering digunakan dalam perjanjian jual beli (SPA) serta perjanjian pinjaman bank anda....

Posted on: 2020-04-01

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What Our Members Say...

I want to thank you for the professional manner used to answer all our questions regarding how to purchase auction properties.We were pleased with the way you walked us through each step of the process and kept us completed informed of what was happening.You guys are polite and service oriented.

- Haris Bin Othman

Just wanted to say that I am very happy with your service. I will send you my contract next week once I get it from auctioneer. I love doing business with people who go above and beyond.

- Ong Hsiong Heng

Your site really provide one stop service for auction buyer especially someone like me have full time work and do not have time to check all the details before auction. Reasonable service charge to help on preparing bank draft and return the $$ immediately after auction unsuccessful. Expecting to see more services provided to your VIP.

- Veronica Lee

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