Awas is the new name for AES

Posted on: 2016-02-25

KUALA LUMPUR: The Automated Enforcement System (AES) will be renamed to ‘Awareness Automated Safety System’ or Awas, reflecting its new focus of reminding drivers to be more careful rather than being a punitive measure. “A study by Malaysian Institute of Road Safety (Miros) at 14 locations where the cameras were installed had confirmed that 90 per cent of motorists abide by law at these stretches and helped reduce the number of accidents. There is an average of half a million road accidents in Malaysia,” he said during an interview for TV3’s Soal Jawab programme, hosted by Izwan Azir Saleh, which was aired on the Buletin Utama slot earlier today. The full Soal Jawab interview will be aired later at 11pm. He said an average of 2.55 deaths from road accidents occurred for every 10,000 registered vehicles last year compared to 4.5 in the previous year. It was reported that there was an increase of road accidents, from 476,196 cases in 2014 to 489,606 last year. The ministry had put on hold the implementation of AES and is gathering public feedback on improvements including the Kejara system before it is reintroduced.


Source From: NST

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