Patented Design Flow, Implement The Version Of Honda Civic..

Posted on: 2016-03-16

Geneva Motor Show a few days ago before being ended, all car makers develop their own products, consumers want to make a list of the latest car models, while Honda nor after the fall exhibition Civic Hatchback concept car at Geneva Motor Show. But recently effluent before it a report on the production Civic Hatchback patented design, which allows the shape of small series can only say that there is difference between reality and imagination always, the fastest production version will be coming out in the Paris Motor Show.

Xiao Bian will say why and imagine the difference it? Because the Civic Hatchback back more simple design, no longer a battle grid look. Generally maintain the shape of the front, but underneath less domineering aero embellishment, less bright green trim treatment, side skirts also less, handsome wheels gone. Further changes to the rear by a big margin, after Paul spoiler kit, exposed center dual exhaust pipes, tail and other taillights above unity have been canceled, but the original additional rear wiper.

Interior design is estimated to be in accordance with current RV route, extensive use of different materials to enhance the texture of the car, full-color dashboard, electronic handbrake large screen, dual-zone air conditioning, electronic parking brake and the driver's seat electric seat adjustment, even The first officer comes standard with electric adjustment, showing the original good faith. The safety features are also added to the existing Honda highest technology Sensing active safety equipment, part of the original standard others require matching.

On the engine configuration intercourse car version of the North American market with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, turbo and 1.5L VTEC engine, for consumers to choose the former 158hp and 187Nm, which is more 174hp and 219Nm output performance, and has 6 speed manual and CVT for consumers to choose.

Although Malaysia and does not introduce Civic Hatchback, mainly because the C-Segment "short tail" car in Malaysia and unpopular, compared Mazda3 Hatchback and Ford the Focus , which one would you prefer to do?


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