Mercedes-Benz Services Offers Intelligent Financing For New E-Class

Posted on: 2016-06-13

Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia Sdn Bhd, part of the Daimler Financial Services group, is offering a comprehensive financing scheme for the newly-launched Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The new E-Class Financing (under the Agility Financing scheme) is paired with a first-year Comprehensive Motor Insurance (underwritten by Allianz and AXA Affin).

The advantage of the Agility Financing scheme is its Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) feature which helps to provide some financial security and peace of mind. This agreed value scheme developed by Mercedes-Benz Services reduces depreciation risk over the course of ownership of the E-Class.

The financing plan offers new E-Class owners lower monthly installments as well as flexible cashflow and end-of-agreement options. This includes options to settle or extend the financing agreement or return the car and upgrade to a newer model at the end of the agreement.

The inclusion of the Comprehensive Motor Insurance for the E-Class lets you enjoy added peace-of-mind insurance coverage in the first year of ownership. The coverage includes towing services (up to RM 400) for mechanical breakdowns, windscreen coverage of up to RM 8,000, One-for-One Vehicle Replacement and fast claims approval.

For example, if you buy the E 200 Avantgarde Line which costs RM 395,888 on-the-road without insurance, your monthly installments can be as low as RM 3,842 if you choose to finance the car for three years with the Agility Financing, 20,000 km p.a. mileage plan. Topping up an additional RM 246 per month will include the first year Comprehensive Motor Insurance (Based on 0% No Claim Discount (NCD) insurance and inclusive of windscreen, Legal Liability to Passengers (LLP) and Legal Liability of Passengers (LLOP) extensions). This gives you a savings of RM 3,692 throughout the three-year financing tenure under the E-Class Financing with Comprehensive Motor Insurance, compared to the standard Agility Financing without insurance.


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