Car DIY Essential for Improving and Enhancing Your Car

Posted on: 2016-08-29

“A friend in deed is a friend indeed” is an old saying we are acquainted from our childhood. Isn't it?? And we all have those bunch of loyal and trustworthy friends who lend us their shoulder in our peaks and valleys of life. However, what if your car required the same! Yes, a friend who can understand it and stands beside at all times in order to improve and enhance it. Clueless? well in the article we will be presenting about Car DIY hacks that are not only essential but also a source of enhancement. By far this will be indeed the most informative journey where besides fashion, home care, crafts, kids, kitchen DIY's etc, which the Internet always remains brimmed with.

So, the list goes from here:-

1) Car Dent Repair:-

One won't deny the fact that the traffic seems to bother each one of us these days, and your heart literally shatters when you keep a cautious view in the surroundings in order to keep your car intact. However, the moment you come back from your work or get to see your car hurt while commuting in the hustle bustle, the god forbid exclamation changes into reality. The car seems to have a grave injury on its body and you sit back aghast already worried about the car repair expenditure that will occur thereon. Chill! You don't need to worry at all, just grab a hand dryer, hot water or dry ice which are obviously easy on pocket resources to fix your problem.

2) Fixing Frozen Car Lock:-

What do you do to maintain the hand hygiene? We know that you will have N number of things to mention in this regard, however, we specifically mean the Hand Sanitizer here. Yes, when your lock gets jammed in the chilly summer, you can actually use it as its contains a high density of alcohol which has the capability to break the ice and unlock the choked lock.

3) Nail Polish Fixing Cracks & Scratches:-

Nail Polish is one of the most treasured things in the girl's cosmetic section but holds on! We aren't revealing any fashion hacks out here rather wish to state that nail paint can rescue you from the shame of having cracks and scratches on your lovely car. Since it has a wide range of shades and colors, one can match it with their car color texture and apply it for fixing it. Additionally it can also cure the windshield of cracking more when you apply the nail paint on it.

4) Car Tracker Hack through Mobile Video or Photograph:-

You parked your car when the parking space was almost vacant?? However, when you returned back you won't that your car most probably hovers! No worries, this simple hack can intelligently ease you up. All you need to do is click a picture of your car as a wide angle shot/take a 360-degree video, so that once you return back you can locate your vehicle with a relatively less painstaking manner.

5) Increasing Storage Space:-

Bugged up of complaining about the less storage space in your car? Halt! We have a quick and simple solution for you, that can equip you with an extra space. You can to set Bungee Cord along with a small net to resolve this concerning issue.
So, we believe that these time saving and easy hacks would have actually relieved your stress in terms of maintaining your car through easily available resources at a dirt cheap price. We will be back with more captivating and knowledge driven articles very soon.


Source From: carbay

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