Zika alert! Ways to keep your car mosquito free

Posted on: 2016-09-06

Unless you’ve been living in stagnant water inside an unturned pail somewhere the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard that our neighbour, Singapore, is facing a crisis called Zika.

Current stats show that as of Thursday, 1st September 2016, the number of Zika cases have jumped from 41 to 115 cases. In fact, our country has just confirmed the first case – a woman who recently visited Singapore, although reports today said that the lady is on the mend. Still, this is not a laughing matter and should be dealt with toot-suite.

Zika spreads through various means and one of the vectors is the mosquito and it is not just any mosquito. It is our mortal enemy, the Aedes. To prevent our nemesis from crossing the Causeway, Johor State’s Health and Environment committee has announced plans to screen vehicles entering from Singapore to our country just in case the Aedes mosquito decides to hitch a ride via buses, lorries, cars and even motorcycles into the country.

Yes, motorbikes are not to be left out because, who knows, there maybe a day old ‘teh o ais limau ikat tepi’ hanging somewhere that some mozzie had decided it be a good place to bear her million children and illegally enter the country.

As far-fetched as it sounds, it is possible that vehicles can be a way that mosquitoes enter the country. Don’t believe us? Ever had a mosquito in your car? So what can you do to make sure your vehicle is not in cahoots? We list down five ways to that you can do to eliminate the chances of the mosquito and her larvae from hitching a ride.

Pandan leaves and Lemongrass

If you have either of these plants at home, then you’re in luck! According to a research done by National University of Singapore, Pandan leaves and Lemongrass can help with preventing pests from colonising in the interior. So roll up some fresh leaves and hid them away inside the darkest recesses of your car, be sure to change them out after a month to keep things fresh and effective.

Eucalyptus oil

Bugs, in general, keep away from strong, sharp smell. Mix a quarter teaspoon of eucalyptus oil to one cup of water, insert the mixture into a spray bottle and spray away around your car. Eucalyptus also has properties that will help you feel refreshed and more awake, that’s killing two birds with one stone!

In-car mosquito repellent

If you’re not one to like scents in your car, then invest in one of these in-car mosquito repellents. Just plug it into your 12V port and you’re good to go.

Keep a fly swatter in the car!

Sometimes, no matter how much prevention we can prepare ourselves for, mosquitos will still find a way to enter our cars. And the best way to kill these pests can be with this good old fashion swatter. Keep one (non-electric one preferred just in case you hurt yourself) inside the car and if you spy an Aedes (or a fly) in the car, deploy it and start hunting!

Make sure to clean out your car

Clear out those empty cups, cans and teh-tarik bags from your car! The fact that a mosquito can breed in a spot of water as big as a 50 sen coin gives you more reason to throw out all that rubbish from your car. Besides, it will make good housekeeping.

So remember these tips. Good hunting.


Source From: carmalaysia

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