PLUS Clarifies its Long Journey Time (LJT) Penalty

Posted on: 2016-10-13

A consumer’s complaint has been circulating on social networks recently, from a Facebook user known as Damar Wulan, who had posted his toll receipt and claims that his journey from Gurun to Pendang in Kedah on Oct 8 should only have cost RM3 but was charged RM9.40 instead.

In his posting, he claimed that the extra charges were imposed after he had spent more than 90 minutes at the Rest and Recuperation Area (R & R) in Gurun.

Clarifying on this matter, PLUS Malaysia has issued a statement that the ‘Long Journey Time’ (LJT) fines imposed on its highway users are part of a measure to prevent and resolve toll transit card manipulation activities.

According to PLUS Malaysia, the toll transit card manipulation activities are often carried out by some irresponsible motorists at several identified locations on the highway.

Some of the tactics used by these irresponsible motorists includes exchanging, swapping, keeping, toll transit card manipulation, etc. The number of manipulation activities is increasing every year.

To curb these activities, a ‘Long Journey Time’ (LJT) penalty has to be imposed on toll transactions where there is doubtful entry and exit on the highway which is calculated based on a set formula or time frame.

The ‘Long Journey Time’ (LJT) penalty can be imposed on motorists based on an estimated travel time between one toll booth to another toll booth, taking into consideration the speed limit on the route.

In addition, the fine also takes into account traffic congestion, accidents, vehicle breakdowns, all which can contribute to motorists exceeding their set travel time.

If motorists fail to provide a valid reason or evidence to the toll attendant after exceeding the set time limit during the trip when making payment at the exit toll plaza, they will be given a ‘Long Journey Time’ (LJT) fine.

PLUS stated said that they have records of all incidents such as congestion, highway maintenance, accidents, vehicle breakdowns and other factors which can cause users to extend their duration of trip on the highway. 

These records will be referred and reviewed by the toll booth attendant before a Long Journey Time’ (LJT) penalty will be charged and imposed.

For instance, a journey from Gurun toll plaza and Pendang toll plaza usually will take 30 minutes based on a average speed limit. This duration of trip will be increased to 2.3 hours (138 minutes), taking into account the possibility of users take a break at the Gurun R&R.

If the road user exiting the Pendang toll plaza and exceed the set time limit without a valid reason and evidence, then a Long Journey Time’ (LJT) penalty may be imposed.

However, PLUS will refund the penalty amount charged if users are able to come up with a valid reason for the delay.


Source From: Autofreaks

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