50% Rail Fare Discount Could Be Expanded

Posted on: 2017-01-19

KUALA LUMPUR: Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd is mulling the idea of expanding its currently 50% discount on rail fares to other time periods of the day.

Its chief executive officer Datuk Zohari Sulaiman said if commuters’ response towards the ongoing promotion is encouraging then the offer would definitely be expanded to other periods of the day to increase ridership.

“Based on observation, the response so far has been encouraging as we can see that there is some increase in ridership for those commuting between 6am and 7am.

“However, what is important is we are able to encourage the public to take rail services earlier as well as reduce the platform crowding that we have faced prior to the implementation of the offer,” he told reporters before closing the "Smile 4 Cakne" donation drive.

Zohari said a final decision on the expansion would be made after detailed discussions and analysis on ridership trends are done.

Meanwhile, at the closing ceremony, Zohari presented Cancer Associates and Kindred Network (Cakne) a mock cheque for RM5,671.

Zohari said the amount is to fund some of the programmes and activities that Cakne would be conducting in assisting children diagnosed with cancer as well as provide support to the children’s family members.


Source From: The Sun

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