Selangor Launches 'Ops Selamat' For CNY

Posted on: 2017-01-23

PETALING JAYA: Police plan to come down hard on traffic rules violators during the "Op Selamat 10/2017" road safety campaign for Chinese New Year.

Giving this warning, Selangor deputy police chief DCP Datuk Mohamad Fuad Abdul Latiff said the operation from Jan 21 to Feb 5 aims to reduce road accidents which increased during "Op Selamat 9/2016" where there were 5,247 cases, an increase of 248 compared to the previous year.

"We plan to go hard on those who violate traffic laws including imposing maximum fines," he said at the launch at the Sunway Pyramid mall yesterday.

He said in 2016, 42 fatalities were recorded while 32 fatalities were recorded in 2015 in Selangor.

"On the amount of traffic summonses during Chinese New Year celebrations last year, 37,723 were recorded while 34,847 summonses were issued in 2015. When traffic summonses are reduced, the accident rate should reduce as well but here we have a reverse scenario, and I hope the road users especially in Selangor take note of this matter," added Mohd Fuad.

Mohd Fuad said bad attitude and selfish road users were some of the major causes for the increase in road accidents last Ops Selamat.

Other factors included increase in traffic volume.

To prevent house break-ins, he advised the public to ensure their homes are properly locked up and police notified before leaving their homes unattended to "balik kampung".

"They can call the nearest police station or fill in a form which can be obtained from our website or nearest police station," he said, adding that in 2016, about 4,636 residents in Selangor filed the "balik kampung" form and none of the houses were broken into.

On Friday, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar launched the nation-level Ops Selamat 10/2017 for Chinese New Year celebration.


Source From: The Sun

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