Alarm Over Rear Car Passengers Not Using Seat Belt

Posted on: 2017-01-24

BUTTERWORTH: Car passengers “belting up” in the back seat is almost non-existent in Penang, said Road Safety Council general treasurer Ahmed Ismail Amin.

“Based on my 90-minute observation during the Chinese New Year Road Safety Advocacy Campaign, I did not see even one rear passenger using a seat belt.

“What I found alarming was that only 80% of drivers had buckled up when I was handing out goodie bags during the campaign,” he told reporters at the Penang Bridge rest area yesterday.

Ahmed Ismail, who expressed disappointment over the lack of awareness and enforcement over the seat belt ruling, added that motorcyclists should also wear their helmets properly especially when travelling long distance.

“Motorcycle helmets have an average life span of about five years before the material starts to harden and become brittle.

“Those which are dropped often might have hairline cracks which also weakens structural strength.

“Although most motorcyclists wear helmets on the road, they should also know that the helmet’s strap should not be too loose with a two-finger allowance at the most,” he said.

During the campaign by the Penang Road Safety Department (JKJR) at the Penang Bridge rest area, officials from the Land Public Transportation Commission, police, Road Transport Department and PLUS Malaysia handed out 300 goodie bags and 100 new helmets to road users.

Motorcyclists also had their rear light bulbs replaced for free.


Source From: The Star

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