Residents Unhappy Over Late Delivery and Uncompleted Work by Developer

Posted on: 2015-08-04

BUYERS of condominiums in the T-Parkland development in Templer Park believe they got a raw deal when they collected the keys to their units.

They discovered that there was no water supply.

During a site visit on July 19, about 20 apartment owners expressed concern that they were hastily given keys to their homes by developer B&G Majestic Property Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of MCT Bhd, to avoid further penalty charges for delayed handover of the units.

The 240 units of the condominium in Rawang have since been connected to the water supply.

However, owners like Chei Chuen Hau, 40, still question the developer's architect who confirmed completion of construction in line with requirements for the issuance of the Certificate of Completion and Compliance (Form F).

'Everyone collected the keys on June 18, although there was already a delay because we signed the sale and purchase agreement in 2012 to collect by May 16 of this year.

'That meant I had to start paying RM1,750 a month for the bank loan, land tax and assessment tax, which the developers asked us to bear because they gave us the keys.

'There are five of us in the family and we ended up having to pay RM1,000 for rent while waiting for the developers to set up the water supply and the installation of kitchen appliances like the oven.

'Now the unit owners have all moved in and developers have promised to fix the kitchen furnishings by the middle of August,' he said.

Chei wrote to the Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM), Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), and State Housing Department on July 7.

During a visit to the development, Kepong Community Centre head Yee Poh Ping raised the issue of the local council's approval of the CCC without the developer providing access to water.

'The buyers want to know why the banks did not investigate or check the certification before releasing the buyers' loans to the developer, as it resulted in them having to pay loan instalments before they could move in.

'Who will be responsible for their losses?' he said.

MCT Bhd executive assistant to the director, Joyce Goh said the bulk water meter had been installed by July 3.

'It was basically a breakdown in communication between us and the owners and we took immediate action after receiving their complaints.

'We have complied with all the requirements and met face-to-face with the purchasers to discuss their issues on July 21.

'It is standard procedure to obtain the CCC first then proceed with the application for the meter and water supply. The water supply is connected only after getting the CCC.

'The buyers also signed a letter of acceptance agreeing that the free-of-charge furniture would be installed after the CCC had been obtained,' Goh said.

Selayang Municipal Council corporate director Mohd Zin Masoad said the buyers must refer to the developers and consultants of any damages or problems as it is still within the defect liability period.

'The architectural firm responsible will face the possibility of licence suspension if requirements were not met,' he said.


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