Beware of environmental factors when buying a property

Posted on: 2018-01-18

Location is key in property purchase, and the consensus is that the Klang Valley is the prime area, but before signing the sale and purchase agreement, prospective buyers should be alert to red flags that may warn of potential health risks in certain locations.

Making an impulsive purchase can happen when one is caught up in the excitement of owning a property. It’s a common mistake especially in prime areas where land is scarce.

If properties marketed at a decent price, people will line up to seal the deal, ignoring the nearby plantations or facilities that may prove to be the Achilles’ heel of your purchase.

According to Asst. Prof. Dr. Syafiee Shuid, the Head of Centre for Built Environment(International Islamic University Malaysia), the government has set up proper guidelines for developers and land owners to follow when developing the land. The guideline is flexible and can be adjusted according to the needs.

However, there must be a buffer zone separating these developments from areas with the possible health risk.

In other parts of the world, properties are seldom built close to high-voltage power lines, sewage treatment plants, landfill and highways. The asking price for properties close to such places are always lower than similar in-type properties further away from the sites. However, the same cannot be said about properties in the Klang Valley.

Properties near to such sites still command sky-high prices. The justification? It is within the Klang Valley.

It makes one wonder whether new technology has found a way of overcoming the problems posed by such places. With high-voltage power lines, the structure is believed to produce electromagnetic field (EMF) that is hazardous to people’s health. The exact measure of radiation exposure can be calculated by the voltage, current levels and distance from the property.

There have been a few case studies linking the home distance with detrimental health effects. The majority of experts advise pregnant women to stay away from such places to avoid possible health risks. If one still thinks of buying, then it’s best to acquire an EMF meter to test out the radiation exposure yourself.

It is no secret, either, that landfills should be avoided at all costs. Other than the terrible smell it emits, it can also pose health and safety risk.

Landfills are known for their leachate, liquid that moves through or drain from the site. It may be created after rainwater mixes with the chemical waste. Modern landfills are often designed to prevent the liquid from passing into the environment, but if not properly implemented, leachate can seep deep into the ground and can cause ground water contamination.

In addition to this, over 10 toxic gases are released from landfills that may cause lung and heart diseases.

“With proper treatment, garbage dump grounds can be converted for another use. If not, these grounds do produce certain type of gas that is similar to the ones for domestic usage. It is hazardous and dangerous. Plus, its ground itself is not stable as the garbage in the ground is compressed and layered with soil. Then, the process is repeated for several layers,” Dr. Syafiee remarked.

Still, properties near to the Taman Beringin Landfill in Kepong have expensive price tags. A new incinerator, that is claimed to be able to burn 1,000 tonnes of garbage everyday, is also planned for the landfill. Despite all this, the property price in residential areas nearby does not seem to be dropping any time soon.

In fact, the exorbitant prices are common throughout the Klang Valley, whether potentially zones are nearby. Neighbourhoods are usually advertised as being closed to the city centre via certain highways and expressways.

Therefore, prior to purchasing a property, tedious research is needed. After all, one will be spending one-fourth of one’s monthly salary here. However, the burden can be lightened with property websites such as Propwall, that provides honest reviews written by the residents, researchers and experienced property agents.

There is also a section where one can participate in discussions regarding the properties.

Regarding new township developments, there are usually concerns regarding future developments in the neighbourhood. It’s important to know these things because each development in the township, be it residential or commercial, will likely have an influence on the value of the land.

Dr. Syafiee explained that people can reach out to the local state authority and ask about the future plans for a neighbourhood.

“You can ask your local authority for the plans they have. I know that the Seremban city plan can be accessed online,” he explained.

This advice by Dr Syafiee is a sound one. However, looking at the blanket property price trend they have nowadays, one can’t help but wonder if it is even necessary. No matter the location or the price, people are still going to buy the property at the asking price.

Their rationale: land in Klang Valley is scarce, but demand is high. So the price is heading nowhere but up.


Source From: Star Property

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