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Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art is not only a trend in Asia but also in the western world. Although feng shui might not be on your list, do note that as a homeowner, you can get a better bargaining value when selling or renting your property. Since the appreciation of your property is sometimes tied to feng shui, these basic tips should get you started on the way.


The structure and design of the house aren't the only concern when it comes to dealing with feng shui. Contours, hills, rivers and roads all determine the flow of positive or negative energy.

For starters, avoid buying homes that are situated at junctions or those at the dead end of the road. Sharp angles or “poison arrows” form in these areas, affecting the property either directly or indirectly.

When it comes to the shape of the land, the property should be located in an area that is either rectangular or square and is neither too long nor too wide. You can easily observe this via Google maps or by looking through every window of the home. There should be no sloping land behind the property or a house situated on the low side of a hill, or at the top of it.

A house located in the lower region of the hill lacks support. Take note that the road should also bend towards the house, not away from it.


The prospective buyer should not feel a sense of dread when entering the house that he or she is interested in buying. This environment is extended towards the surrounding neighbourhood as well.

An area that is too quiet, with many vacant unsold homes is a sign of inactive energy. People subconsciously avoid places that give an uneasy vibe, and that makes it difficult to sell or rent out your future home.

A good neighbourhood is filled with activities. There should be children playing, pets around and people tending to their yards. Observe the condition of the streets. Tidy neighbours and clean streets are a bonus advantage. Ideally, the backyard of the house should be slightly larger than the front yard.

Main door:

The main entrance represents the mouth of the house which receives most of the energy. Hence, it is essential to consider the design that complements the property’s feng shui flow. The open area in front of the main entrance accommodates the collection of energy. Therefore, the bigger the area, the easier it is for power to stay. Note that the steps leading to the front door shouldn’t be too near.

When opening the main door, it is important that we should not see the toilet or the door to the backyard immediately. Avoid the main entrance that overlooks the ocean. Door alignments are also to be avoided as it creates a fast flowing current of energy. The energy flow should be softened, where it slowly nourishes all the areas of the house. The ratio of the main door to the size of the house should be proportionate as well.

Another factor is the presence of a staircase facing the main door. A construction such as this will lead the energy flow directly to the top of the house, leaving the ground area without good energy.

Living room:

A strategically placed living room is ideally located in the centre of the house. To retain positive energy, the shape of the area should be rectangular or square, not an irregular polygon. Note the ambience of the surrounding, the availability of windows and openings that allow the entry of light. The living room should also be visible the very moment you enter through the main door.

Consider if the ceiling is filled with spanning beams which are believed to create bad luck for the occupant. However, it can be softened by adding decorations.


It is auspicious to have the kitchen situated at the back door of the house. Avoid having a kitchen near the front door or at the centre of the home. It should not be directly underneath a bedroom or toilet. Windows should ideally be located at either the eastern or western region of the kitchen while the sink at the north.

Inspect the tap water or faucets and make sure that they are not leaking. The constant flow of water signifies the draining of one’s wealth from the house. If possible, have them repaired.


Consider painting the walls of the bathroom with the right colours. Most bathrooms are painted white by default which is acceptable. Consider the colour blue as it signifies purity and the cleansing effects of water. While green, on the other hand, represents growth and life. The bathroom and bedroom should be visually separated due to their differences in energy. You can use a screen or either a curtain for that measure.


Overhead beams should be avoided due to the pointy edges of the beam because it creates unease due to the effect of the beam pointing downwards.

Rooms that are located at the top of the house are less than ideal if the ceiling is slanted or sloped. Besides the lack of space, it would also be an uncomfortable area to sleep in, especially when you are sleeping on the side of the slant.


Source From: Star Property

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