Colour shades that reflect personality

Posted on: 2018-10-25

How do you pick a colour palette or find colour inspirations for your home?

When choosing colours, you have to ensure that you pick the right paint for the whole house. You should have a rough idea on your overall colour theme.

You also have to ensure that the paint is safe for your children, thus it is best that you use a child-safe odorless paint. Some paint manufacturers such as Nippon Paint have Child Wellness Range to keep the little ones safe.

According to Nippon Paint, some studies on the psychology of colour indicate that your preferred colour could reflect your most dominant personality traits and strongest characteristics, including the ways you behave towards your children.

The studies show that parents who prefer blue hues are often regarded as more dependable and calm, while those who gravitate towards brighter shades are known to be more assertive with a stronger personality.

If you prefer more than one colours, you may not have all the traits from one particular colour, but instead your parenting style comprises a mixture of the various characteristics associated with your favourite colours.

If you are fond of pink and yellow hues, you may have a sensitive personality with enthusiastic vibes.

Here are some colours to consider for your home redecorating project.

The Calm and Collected (Blue)

1. The Calm and Collected (Blue)

Blue is recognised as the most-calming shade of the colour spectrum, which makes it one of the top favourite colours around the world. If you are cool parents who hardly overreact to your children’s antics, blue reflects your persona best. 

To create overall soothing vibes all around your home, select colours, such as light green or a light peach, to fully complement your blue-themed walls. If you’re a true-blue fan, you could opt for pairing the palest blue with navy without overwhelming your entire room.

The Enthusiastic One (Red)

2. The Enthusiastic One (Red)

Red is known to be a strong colour that resonates well among those that have dominating traits. Parents who favour red are typically strong-willed and do not easily give in to a child’s requests. 

However, having everything in red in a home may be too overwhelming, so try balancing it with softer shades, such as light grey or neutral beige tones, for a good contrast.

The Nurturing Couple (Pink)

3. The Nurturing Couple (Pink)

Those who like pink often convey a reassuring ear to their children and see things in a positive light in most situations. 

While light pink is gentle on the eyes; some are a fan of brighter pinks, such as fuchsia, which look great on walls if paired with clean colours such as beige or the lightest shade of yellow. 

If you favour lighter shades of pink, try complementing them with light pink tones for a classy look, or opt for striking blue for fun vibes.

The Fair Minded (Green)

4. The Fair Minded (Green)

Green reflects the personality of a calm-yet-logical and analytical figure who often takes a more supportive and nurturing approach. If you always reason with your children over their actions, green is the colour for you. It can be paired with almost any shades, depending on the desired ambience for your room.

To fully resonate with your calm personality, go along the lines of a pastel pink with a soft peach shade. For those who prefer strong green undertones, match your green feature wall with a light oak brown shade for a down-to-earth vibe.


Source From: News Straits Times

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