Preparing Your Home For The Year Of The Rat

Posted on: 2020-01-17


The Chinese New Year is around the corner and there is much to be done for your house, especially when it is particularly prosperous to decorate the right way. 

As we all know, the colour red is one of the no-brainer decorative colours, especially when it comes to ushering in the new year, but is that all there is for the year of the rat?

Mimic The Sun

Close up and Silhouette of hand holding sun. Sun on woman hand.

According to Soleil Trinity Resource founder Jessie Lee, red has always been an auspicious colour, but turning your whole house chili red isn’t necessary. Substitute colours such as orange and yellow works just fine, as they represent the fires of the sun. 

Pink makes for a fine choice as it contains hues of the colour red, while not being too intense to create anxiety and distress. Besides, pink also gives off a warm and cheerful look.

Look Towards The West

Old compass on vintage map

Lee suggested that house owners should activate their West and Northwest sector with vibrant colours and the display of ostentatious objects. This is especially true for those who have a West or Northwest living room. 

The placement of such items should draw the attention of guests and visitors, hence creating a movement of energy towards these sectors. 

You are highly encouraged to place the fortune cat, a figurine with an upright paw that beckons luck, at these places. On a more budget-friendly approach, house owners can transfer their artistic objects and collectibles to the West and Northwest sector instead of purchasing new stuff.

Wood Makes Fire


The most needed element for the year of the rat is fire, and incidentally, fire is birthed from the wood element. Hence, it is auspicious to enhance and augment the wood chi in the interior of your house by bringing in potted plants, which signifies growth within your household. 

Avoid plants with pointed tips like cactuses and opt for those with rounded leaves. Need tips on what house plant to choose? Check out our guide on filling your house with greens.

Soft Is The Vogue

Pillow on sofa

Lee said the year of the rat is a volatile one. House owners can prepare against it by decking their living and dining area with plush cushions and drapes to soften the appearance of their home. 

A cosy ambience gives off a relaxing vibe that helps pacify irritated occupants, allowing them to calm down after a stressful day at work.


Source From: StarProperty

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