What is CTOS?

Posted on: 2014-08-12

What is CTOS?

CTOS is a lead information system widely used by the majority of the country's Financial Institutions, Commercial Companies & Business, Legal Firms and other institutions.

What CTOS is Not?

CTOS is not a blacklist. It does not provide opinions, ratings, rankings or recommendations on an individual's or Company's credit worthiness. All lending policies, loan approvals and decision making an determined by the lenders or credit grantors themselves, not CTOS.

What Categories of information does a CTOS Report contain ?

A CTOS report is split into 5 sections containing different categories of information :

Section A - Identity Verification

* Helps to identify and verify the subject's by Identity Number, Full Name, Company or Business Registration Number. This section helps to detect and prevent fraud and identity theft.

Section B - Internal List / Group Exposure

* This is for the subscriber's own information and reference, It relates to their own business experiences with their customers. Information here is only open to the subscriber's own personnel. No other subscribers have access to this information

Section C - Directorships and Business Interests

* Record a subject's directorships and shareholdings in Malaysian incorporated companies and businesses.
* Banks use this section to help verify the true nature of a subject's ostensible income, especially for company shareholders and business owners.

Section D - Legal Actions Against

* Record the legal information. It helps one to have a better insight and understanding on a subject's background, history and business experience.
* Banks use this section to look out for bankruptcy information, legal actions and case statuses.

Section E - Trade Referees and Subject Comments

* Trade Rederees - Listed here is the name of Trade Referees. They are CTOS subscribers who may want to share their business experiences known as "Trade References" on subjects and their companies or businesses that they have dealt with. The trade references are the subscribers' own information not CTOS. Therefore, communication of the trade reference is done directly via email between the trade referee and the inquirer.
* Subject's Comments - This is a facility provided by CTOS to allow parties involved in a case to present their " side of the story". Comments should be objective and confined only to the case.

How long are the records kept?

CTOS records are kept indefinitely as an historical archive of one's history and experiences.

Will CTOS update the information in their database?

The CTOS database is updated with new information collated from the various sources on a daily basis.


Source From: http://loanstreet.com.my/learning-centre/everything-about-ctos

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