House-Buying Tips: Do Some Research First

Posted on: 2017-03-06

KUALA LUMPUR: THERE are many alternative investments besides stocks and bonds to help you achieve financial freedom when you retire.

If you are into properties, you can either invest in a real estate trust or buy a house and become a landlord by renting it out and selling it for a profit in the future. But buying a house can be difficult when you have little or no knowledge about the property market.

Many people, especially first-time buyers, make the mistake of buying a house immediately after walking into a sales gallery and listening to the sales person talk.

A buyer’s decision-making cannot be based only on what the sales person is saying.

Knight Frank Malaysia senior manager of international project marketing Dominic Heaton-Watson suggests doing a bit of research first before signing the sale-and-purchase agreement.


Five things to pay attention to before buying a property for investment:

Research the location

Look at the transport connectivity and proximity to the central business district, and education and shopping centres. Will this become better in the future?

Research the market

Ask who the target audience will be; what level of supply and demand is there? Understand the trends both now and in the future.

Research the developer

Look for reputable track record in delivery and specifications/finishes.

Research the product

Learn what finishes and amenities are expected and/or should be provided.

Seek expert advice

Get the best of both worlds - seek global advisers with local expertise - not just on price, but also on how best to furnish, let and manage your investment professionally. Trust and confidence in your adviser will help settle any question/service you may need.



Source From: New Straits Times

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