Own Your Dream House And Enjoy A 1-Year Rental Holiday Period With Maybank's HouzKEY

Posted on: 2018-03-30

Imagine being able to live in your own home without having to pay instalment or rent for the first year.

You get to own a house and continue pursuing your dreams without having to break the bank. Sounds great right?

That's possible! Because Maybank Islamic is giving a chance to HouzKEY customers to win a one-year rental holiday for selected properties chosen under their scheme.

HouzKEY is the country's first rent-to-own scheme initiated by Maybank Islamic

This new homeownership scheme introduced by Maybank Islamic works just like renting. Instead of a housing loan instalment, you pay a monthly rent for a minimum of one year period before you can own it.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a house under the HouzKEY scheme:

A. Lower entry costs

You can get 100% financing so no need to fork out a 10% down payment. You only need to pay three months' worth of rent as a form of deposit to own a house under HouzKEY. This deposit will be refunded to you when you decide to move to mortgage, sell the property after one year, or if you decide to leave with no obligations after five years. 

B. Property value is locked in during the first year

Should you decide to purchase the property under HouzKEY scheme after one year renting, the amount you need to settle with the bank is based on the remaining of the outstanding from the original lease value when you sign your lease. Alternatively, you can also sell it to a third party after one year, where you can decide the selling price and the difference from the outstanding payment will be yours. Hence you will enjoy 100% of capital appreciation of the property!

C. Nominate up to three guarantors

Minimum household income for applicants must be RM5,000 and above, and you're allowed to nominate up to three guarantors to improve your household income level. 

D. Step Up Instalment / Rental 

Based on selected properties, you will get to enjoy a progressive instalment from the first year which starts as low as RM1,842.

Key Criteria:

1. At the time of application, the applicant’s and guarantor(s)’ (if applicable) age must be between 18 to 65 years.

2. The applicant should not be financing more than one property at the time of the application.


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