IJM Land partners OCBC Bank to promote green homeownership

KUALA LUMPUR: IJM Land Berhad and OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad have partnered to offer a Green Home Financing scheme that includes competitive financing rates, a quick turnaround upon approval, and a cashback programme to encourage green homeownership among homebuyers.

The scheme will be open to all of IJM Land's GreenRE-certified residential developments until the end of January next year.

The collaboration aims to encourage and enable prospective homebuyers to make environmentally conscious decisions by purchasing or investing in IJM Land's green-certified properties, thereby lowering their carbon footprint and ownership costs.

IJM Land's chief executive officer, Datuk Wong Tuck Wai, said in a statement that the company places eco-friendliness and sustainability at the forefront of its designs and concepts, not just as a future aspiration but as a present-day imperative.

"In our continuing efforts to incorporate all our developments with sustainable design, it is now mandatory for every IJM Land's residential project to be green-certified. At the core of our commitment to sustainability is achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, an ideal that is shared by our home financing partner, OCBC Bank," he said in a statement.

Wong said the collaboration empowers individuals and families to choose sustainability by providing favourable financing rates for IJM Land's green properties.

"With this, OCBC Bank and IJM Land are jointly enabling green homeownership, setting a transformative example that will benefit and lead the way for the property and financial sector at large," he added.

He said that the collaboration between IJM Land and OCBC Bank focuses on ecologically responsive homes that benefit both occupants and the environment.

As part of the agreement, IJM Land will work closely with OCBC Bank to expand their efforts to promote sustainable living for our GreenRE-certified properties," Wong explained.

Anne Leh, head of consumer financial services at OCBC Bank (Malaysia), said the partnership with IJM Land provides an opportunity for the bank to reach out to those looking for a sustainable home financing scheme.

"We believe this synergistic collaboration will help to shape the industry for a more sustainable future," she added.

Posted on: 15th November 2023

Source: New Straits Times